BMGT 411: Assignment #3 Advertising

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Assignment #3 is pretty simple.  I would like you to identify a current advertising campaign running now, one that you think is done well, and answer the following questions:

1. Why do you think this is a successful campaign?

2. Who is the target market(or segment!)?

3. How is the brand positioning its product or service?

4. How is it supported in Mass Media

5. How is it supported in Digital Media

An example of a brand with a current campaign I like is Southwest Airlines.  Read more here

In this case, I think Southwest knew their brand was getting stale, and in an effort to make the airline remain attractive, communicated the key elements that the brand has always stood for – low prices, service, and humor, but in a fresh way.  The campaign is supported in both traditional and digital media.

This assignment is due November 18th.



7 thoughts on “BMGT 411: Assignment #3 Advertising”

  1. Aaron Outlen Heroes Within

    I think that the CW’s Heroes Within ad is a successful campaign because it strives to make its viewers feel something. The ad is laced with lines that attempt to galvanize viewers while maintaining to promote their fall TV lineup. The most poignant piece of the ad comes at the end; a line toting the idea that we all have the power to be legendary—super or not.

    The target market for this segment is the key 18-35 age range that most TV networks try to reach. Within that target segment the ad is trying to reach comic book fans as the CW has two shows based off of comic book characters—Arrow and The Flash. In addition there is a large sci-fi element to many of the CW’s lineup. With shows like The 100 (taking place in space) and The Originals (a show about vampires) it is clear that the ad campaign is attempting to pull its viewership from people who prefer the supernatural.

    The CW is positioning their brand as something that is edgy and fun. Most of the shows do have a theme that reflects something “super”; however, I believe that this ad is also trying to position itself as something that is also very human and relatable. Even though humans cannot run at super speed or jump over buildings, we can still strive to be passionate, brave, and ultimately, legendary—all things that the ad claims lies within us.

    The CW supports its message not only with this ad, but with a plethora of other ads that tote a supernatural theme laced with human elements. These types of ads run constantly on their network and is supported primarily on TV platforms.

    In digital media, the CW promotes a similar message with this ad running online as well as on live TV. The human element of these supernatural themed shows is also promoted by the actors who play these characters on TV. Stephen Amell, the star or Arrow, has a very active social media presence and is known for uploading videos that show him training in the gym. Many people have been inspired by his videos because viewers get to see the man behind the mask, behind the character.

  2. 1. I think this CVS Health advertising campaign is successful because it brings the issue of cigarettes and how they are bad for your health and it shows how they are taking the proactive solution to eliminate them from their store. The best thing about this issue is that no one told them to eliminate cigarettes from their pharmacy but they decide to do it on their own so that peoples “wishes of health” can come true. But they didn’t just eliminate cigarettes from their pharmacy and call it a day, they decided to create other health programs that will also benefit their customers. From a program to help smokers quit smoking to encouraging people to take their medication and they also expanded their Minute Clinic locations. Another good thing about this advertising campaign would be that it hits so many different type of people in just one ad as well.

    2. The target market for this advertising campaign I would say would be anyone over the age of 18, since that is technically the age you can buy cigarettes and you are an adult. I think this commercial applies to a lot of different people because it applies to the smoker group, the elderly group, and basically anyone that could use quick health services.

    3. CVS Health is positioning their brand as something forward thinking and kind of innovative. Although CVS Health isn’t a completely new idea they are one of the first stores that I know of that have eliminated cigarettes in their stores. As well as they expand on that idea and are creating innovative programs that allow them to reach all different kinds of customers that they have.

    4. This commercial is supported in Mass Media but their websites also have a link to their Minute Clinic services as well as I’m sure there are advertisements in the CVS ads in the paper as well as it could possibly air on the radio. Although the video does have an affect on the viewer I think the words alone could stand as a radio ad and get the message across.

    5. There is also a Twitter account for just the store CVS but also a separate account for CVS Health. The CVS Health ad has tweets about not selling cigarettes in their stores anymore as well as some of the programs they offer are tweeted about on their too. The CVS account is more about their products and not necessarily their pharmacy services like CVS Health does.

    1. 1. “The Evil Within” game trailer is highly successful. It markets itself as a return to the survival horror format that hasn’t been seen in years. It draws the viewer in by the very nature of the ad. Actually being able to observe the reaction of people playing this game is part of what makes the ad work. As a gamer I want to experience the same thrill that I see those who are playing experience.

      2. The target market consists of gamers 18 and over. The ad is also targeting gamers who have played or are at least familiar with classic survival horror games like “Resident Evil.” Also, anyone who enjoys horror such as in film/TV or in other media. Fans of horror video games have been disappointed with mediocre remakes and underwhelming sequels to existing franchises. The Evil Within hopes to reinvigorate the genre.

      3. The brand is positioning its product as a game that will terrify the player. They want you to know that this game is a psychological journey. Walking through creaky corridors and killing zombies are part of what makes you want to play. The Evil Within is positioning itself as a game that will revive the survival horror franchise.

      4. “The Evil Within” is supported in both digital and mass media. There are several commercials advertising this game. (5) Digitally speaking, “The Evil Within” can be seen on several popular video game websites such as IGN. There were also unique incentives for those who preordered the game at Gamestop.

  3. 1). I think this commercial is a successful campaign because it appeals to pretty much everyone that works all day and goes through the ups and downs of being a grown up. This commercial is so cute and funny and I think would relate to any sort of audience but especially to families with younger children.

    2). Like I said in the first paragraph, I think that the target audience would be young couples with children or just families with young children in general. I also believe that it would appeal more to white collar working men and women than blue collar workers.

    3). The brand is positioning its product as a car that will last any family a very long time so that they can eventually hand the car down to their young children when they are old enough to drive. I think they way they portrayed this idea was very creative and appealing to the audience.

    4).Subaru is supported in mass media because they are constantly running Subaru commercials on different channels as well as advertising in magazines and newspapers.

    5). Subaru is also supported in digital media because it has a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that all update their consumers on new up coming products and updates.

  4. 1. This is a successful campaign because it helps touch the audience by connecting to them emotionally. Sprite uses the emotion from one event and transfers that to getting the viewers excited about their product by provoking the audience and arousing them about Lebron James returning to Cleveland and then introducing their product.
    2. The target market is sports fans in general and more specifically Lebron James fans. It is also geared toward a younger audience because all of the extras in the movie seem to be in high school or younger.
    3.The brand is positioning themselves as a company that connects to the buyers in more than just a basic way and suggesting that, since Sprite is a “classic” company that many of the young viewers have grown up with, the beverage can represent “home”.
    4. This is supported in Mass Media by having this commercial on television and also on their website with pictures of Lebron James and links to interviews and videos of him.
    5. This is supported in Social Media by introducing the hashtags: #ChangeTheGame and #6MixSelfie for the audience to use on social media outlets. The company’s Twitter account also has various tweets about NBA and basketball to support this campaign further.

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