BMGT 411: Assignment #3 Advertising

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Assignment #3 is pretty simple.  I would like you to identify a current advertising campaign running now, one that you think is done well, and answer the following questions:

1. Why do you think this is a successful campaign?

2. Who is the target market(or segment!)?

3. How is the brand positioning its product or service?

4. How is it supported in Mass Media

5. How is it supported in Digital Media

An example of a brand with a current campaign I like is Southwest Airlines.  Read more here

In this case, I think Southwest knew their brand was getting stale, and in an effort to make the airline remain attractive, communicated the key elements that the brand has always stood for – low prices, service, and humor, but in a fresh way.  The campaign is supported in both traditional and digital media.

This assignment is due November 18th.



BMGT 311: Assignment #4 (Due 10.19)


Focus groups are a great qualitative marketing research method to get key information and insight from consumers.  We watched one example of focus groups in class for the Google Chromebook – now I would like you to prepare for and conduct a focus group.

In the example above, Domino’s Pizza learned their customers were not aware they used natural ingredients.  So part of the resulting marketing strategy was to focus more on natural ingredients.  This insight was gained directly from the result of conducting focus groups – another example of how marketing research can drive a marketing strategy.

Your group is going to plan a focus group.  The topic: How would instructors increase engagement at Point Park University, both inside and outside of the classroom.   How could they leverage technology to increase this engagement – and would this engagement help the students become more prepared for jobs post graduation.

To plan for a group – the first step is to prepare a discussion guide.  This is used by the moderator to guide the conversation.

  • Four to eight primary questions and/or discussion topics should be developed for each focus group discussion

Another good resource is here for preparing for and conducting a focus group:

So as a group, please prepare a discussion guide to prepare for our in-class focus group after the test on 10.22.  I will choose two of your discussion guides, then split the class into two focus groups after the test.

Please send by email (1 per group) by 10.19.14.

Chris Lovett