BMGT 411: Assignment #2, Positioning Statement (Due 10.6.14)

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In Chapter 9. we went over in detail the importance of developing a positioning statement for a brand.  A good positioning statement helps a brand clearly define who they are and who will benefit from their product or service.  From class, the outline for developing a positioning statement is:

For (Target Audience), (Brand Name) is the (Frame of Reference) that delivers (benefits/point of difference).

Pretty simple, yet very powerful.  For assignment #2 – I want you to:

  1. Develop a positioning statement for AlthleteTrax
  2. Develop a positioning statement for Point Park University
  3. Develop a positioning statement for your favorite brand

Like always – include your response in the comments section, and we will discuss in class next week.

Chris Lovett








7 thoughts on “BMGT 411: Assignment #2, Positioning Statement (Due 10.6.14)”

  1. 1. For extra-curricular coaches and leaders, AthleteTrax is the team management site that delivers all aspects of running a team or club in one place.

    2. For aspiring filmmakers, Point Park University is the college that delivers hands-on filmmaking experience as early as Freshman year.

    3. For city-dwellers, Lyft is the ride-share program that delivers transportation at a low cost and minimal waiting time.

  2. Aaron Outlen
    1. Athlete Trax
    For group activity managers, Athlete Trax is the go to administrative hub that delivers group based management and communication in a fun and easy to use operating system.
    2. Point Park University
    For students that desire a city lifestyle, Point Park University is the premier liberal arts instition that delivers a safe and constructive learning environment while providing students with real world experience.
    3. Nintendo
    For the nostalgic gamer, Nintendo is the number one video game company that delivers classic play styles and themes through contemporary and innovative hardware.

  3. 1. For college club managers and coaches, AthleteTrax is the newest online destination for managing all team related events and programs.
    2. For aspiring professionals, Point Park university is one of the leading institutions that provides a rounded, fully integrated education in a variety of fields.
    3. For avid moviegoers, Cinemark is the ultimate movie theater, providing an engaging film experience with the latest cinema technology.

  4. 1. For team managers of all ages, AthleteTrax is a software service manager that delivers team scheduling and team based communication all in one central location.

    2. For prospective college students, Point Park University is a dynamic, urban institution that delivers a quality learning environment with small class sizes along with a unique downtown living experience.

    3. For a time crunched mom, Old Navy is the premier retail store that delivers clothing for everyone in the family at an affordable price.

  5. 1). For on the go college club athletes and coaches, Athlete Trax is the all in one team communication platform that delivers a convenient and effective online management system.

    2). For college students that strive for a professional and diverse cultural lifestyle, Point Park University is the institute that delivers a quality education with real world experience.

    3). For families on a tight budget, Aldi’s is the low cost grocery store that delivers quality items at impossibly low prices.

  6. 1.) For athletic managers and members, Athlete Trax is the online management platform that delivers efficient communication, organization, and planning all in one place.

    2.) For perspective college students, Point Park University is Pittsburgh’s downtown institute that delivers a hands-on learning environment and real-world professionals to prepare you for your future.

    3.) For thrill-seeking travelers, GoPro is the only versatile camera powerful enough to capture all your adventures from the most extreme to the most subtle.

  7. Sophie Haines
    BMGT 411
    Positioning Statement

    1. For college club sports managers, Athlete Trax is the team management tool that delivers easy scheduling, communication, and notifications for a team as a whole.
    2. For dancers looking to obtain a degree in the field, Point Park University is the conservatory based college program that delivers a high level of dance training in ballet, jazz, and modern.
    3. For makeup buyers on a budget, CoverGirl is the makeup brand that delivers excellent quality and long lasting make-up at a reasonable, low cost.

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