BMGT 311 (Wednesday): Assignment #2 Data Visualization


As we learned in the first assignment and first couple of chapters, visualizing data can be a powerful tool for marketing researchers.  There is an over abundance of data – and it becomes more powerful when managers can use it to make decisions that affect their marketing strategies.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 9.06.50 PM

Example of Data Visualization:

In assignment one, I gave you a series of data and asked you to visualize it using excel or other method – to help show current users of popular social media networks.  In this assignment, you will be tasked with finding the data for yourself, and then using tools to visualize the information and package it.

For this assignment, please use the American Community Survey (As shown in class):

1. For Pittsburgh and your hometown, please use the ACS to develop a market profile (Note: If from Pittsburgh, choose any other city in the US to compare against Pittsburgh).

2. The Demographic Profile should include, at minimum, a graphical comparison of these two cities that include:

  • Population of each city
  • Percentage of traditional college aged students (18-24)
  • Race Distribution (Percentage of each race)
  • Median Income Ranges and Percentages for each city
  • Educational Attainment for each city
  • Unemployment statistics for each city

3. Show this information graphically, comparing the two cities

4. Based on your findings, which city, in your opinion, would have more opportunities for a recent college graduate.  Did any of the data surprise you?

5. Place your findings in a powerpoint or pdf, and upload to slideshare.  Please be prepared to share your findings in class on September 24th after the test.

Assignments are due before class on the 24th.

Chris Lovett


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