BMGT 411: Assignment #1 (Due September 9th)

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During this semester, we are going to get a background in Marketing, and help a local startup, AthleteTrax with their 2015 Marketing Plan.  A big part of the marketing plan you develop will include elements of digital marketing.  Because Athlete Trax has a limited marketing budget, they will rely on digital marketing as their core marketing tactic to reach team managers looking for a better way to manage schedules, teams, etc.


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Assignment #1 is an individual assignments, but will be used as a resource for the entire class, as each of you will focus on one aspect of digital marketing and share your findings with the class.  Each of you has been assigned one digital marketing tactic to explore in greater detail.

1. Google Paid Search: Dominique

2. Facebook Promoted Posts: Sophie

3. Instagram Paid Marketing: Kari

4. Twitter Promoted Tweets: Aaron

5. Email Marketing: Neiman

6. Digital Display Ad/Retargeting: Darian

7. Snap Chat/Messaging: Grace


Please Provide an overview of how these channels work and present it to the class.

  1. Overview of how these channels work
  2. Current demographics of these channels (Who uses them)
  3. Best Practices on using these channels (Creative, Time of Day, Popular Apps to use them with, etc)
  4. Strategies AthleteTrax could use to reach their target market
  5. Cost Structure to Place Ads
  6. Creative Considerations (How to engage audiences)
  7. Develop a one page resource your class mates can use, and a 5-10 minute presentation reviewing each topic (Due September 9)

I am requesting that each of you create a slideshare account, and each of you upload your responses to Slideshare.  Then in the comment section of this post, you provide a link to your material so we can all review and access throughout the semester.

I look forward to this semester, and think you are going to enjoy learning about marketing management.

Chris Lovett


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