BMGT 205 Assignment #3: STP

In chapter 9, we are going to take a deeper dive into STP and it’s importance to the overall marketing equation.  Remember,

S: Segmentation

T: Targeting

P: Positioning

This subject matter is often learned best when we apply it to a real company.  For this assignment, we are going to look at a local company called 4Moms.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 9.56.58 PM


Take some time to take a look at this company and the products it makes.  Based on our topics from chapter 9, please answer the questions below:

1. What do you feel are the different segments that 4Moms would appeal to?  What would the best approach to segment their potential customers be (geographic, demographic, psychographic, behavioral, benefits) in your opinion?  Why?

2. As a lead marketer for 4Moms, who would you choose to be your primary target market?  Why?  Would you have a secondary target market?

3. Before you launched to the target market, how would you position the 4Moms brand and products to your desired target market?  Do you think 4Moms does this already?

Assignments due in the comments section before 2.24.14.

Chris Lovett


6 thoughts on “BMGT 205 Assignment #3: STP”

  1. 1. I feel that the segment that would appreciate the innovation the most would be new young mothers that are on the go. These moms are busy balancing work lives with family lives. I think this company would be driven by the demographic part of the segmentation; for the reason I stated before. The innovation and uniqueness of the products would appeal to a younger audience and the faster pace of today’s live styles.

    2. I would say my target market would be 20 to 30 women and men that enjoy innovative products that are easy to use and unique and get their friends asking”where did you get that?”. I think that these products would also appeal to young fathers and not just the mom. The stay at home father would benefit from these products as well. They could be the secondary market.

    3. I really like the idea that the ideas for the products came from consulting moms. They are the target that most baby products are designed for. The fact that these moms ideas came to fruition is an awesome start off point. The appeal that moms help other moms and that the company is constantly looking for new and innovative ideas to improve on what they already started. If I were a new mom, I would definitely look into these products.

  2. 1. These products definitely look like they target the younger, more tech-savvy parents. A lot of their products have digital screens on them which I think a lot of “old-fashioned” mothers wouldn’t care to use. I actually think the best approach to target their specific consumers would be in a benefit type of manner. I think that this method would be successful because of the type of society we are turning into; everything is driven by technology now, and why not enhance you and your baby’s bathing experience with a tub that filters dirty water from clean water? Or a rocking chair that you can plug you mp3 player into?

    2. My target market would definitely be parents, ideally the “tech-savvy” ones, who live in urban areas that thrive on technology. For example, I think that younger, maybe 20-35 year old, mothers living in a city such as New York city, Washington D.C., or even Pittsburgh would be most attracted to these products simply because of the assurance that the digital features would improve the quality of life for the parents as well as the child. I think this would be most effective in such busy cities where everyone is always pictured to be on the move.

    3. I would definitely take the approach that these new, innovative products will make your life as a parent much easier and convenient. In their website’s “about us” section, they say their mission is to use inexpensive technology to benefit parents everywhere and promise to be innovative with their newer products. So yes, I do believe they have positioned their products properly.

  3. 1. I think that 4Moms appeals to the benefit segment. Their products use technology and innovation to make a mom’s job easier. The stroller not only is easy to expand, but it has many different features that can help a mom. The Breeze takes the concept of a playard and simplifies it. It pops up with one motion whereas other playards take forever to put together and never seem up stay up. These products help a mother get the job done so that she can spend more time enjoying their kids.

    2. My target market would be younger, technologically savvy parents. I use the word parents because I don’t just think that these products appeal to moms. I feel that both mothers and fathers would find these products very helpful and fun to use. For a secondary market, I would target parents that live in bustling cities, especially for the Origami stroller. In these areas, walking is their main way to get around, and with a stroller that is easy to use with plenty of great features, I feel that it would be very popular.

    3. I would position the products as the most up-to-date products out there. Young moms are always looking for the newest and best ways to do things and by advertising a product that uses brand new technology, more moms will check it out. I also agree with Tracy, having a company that is run by mom for moms is also a big sell point. Who knows moms better than other moms?

  4. 1. 4Moms appeals to psychological, behavioral, and benefit segments. Psychologically the website is set up so upon access you immediately feel like you are purchasing quality products that are the latest and most innovative. The website stresses the quality and comfort of all the baby products for psychological reasons. Majority of the products are not necessities but are luxuries. The behavioral segment is appealed to consumers through the belief of our children acting better if we provide them the latest gadgets. And lastly the benefits segment is appeal to us through convenience. The website details all the perks of a specific product and lists it as beneficial and easy to use and non time consuming.

    2. My primary target market would be middle age moms ages 30-40, middle- upper class. I would primarily target these women base off need of product. These women are more likely to need high end lavish products for themselves and especially their infants. Secondary I would target men ages 40-50 cause that is usually a good age for wealthy men who have children and are looking for efficient, cool, high-end products to make it convenient to take care of their child and eliminate time consuming procedures.

    3. I would get a celebrity to make a commercial with my product and their child, or take advertising photos with my product. This will make it a familiar item with people and the can correlate it with a celebrity. People are more likely to buy something they are familiar with versus something they aren’t.

  5. 1. I would have to say the segments that 4MOMs would appeal to the most would be age, income, lifestyle and self-concept. In my opinion, the best approach would be either demographic or psychographic. I would choose demographic just for the age and income because for these products really lend themselves to those two groups. Age mainly because most new parents would be under the age of 35 and income because most paycheck to paycheck young parents arent dropping $250.00 on a mamaRoo, they will just physically stand there to get their bounce and sway. My reasoning for psychographic is basically a mix of the income level needed for a certain lifestyle combined young parents desires to have the newest, coolest and often times most expensive baby tech even if something simpler (cheaper) will do. I am looking at you, South Hills.

    2. I think the only real target market one could focus on would be 25-35 year-old parents with upper middle class and above earnings, who consider themselves either tech-saavy or keeping up with the Jones’ saavy. I honestly don’t think it would matter if Mom or Dad were the primary or secondary target today. Not only with more men being stay at home but also with the fact that technology is pretty much the basis for this company.

    3. I would just crush technology, innovation and real moms. I think that by using those three postions, the products will basically set themselves into the exact target market. I do believe 4MOMS does a great job of relaying this position. Whenever I cross that bridge, I’m sold.

  6. 1. If I had to break it down, the best approach for segmenting potential customers would be as follows: geographic – north American suburbs…demographic – high middle/upper class moms in their early 30s… psychographic – moms who want “the best” for their babies, sleek and modern designs, fashionable, but still safe enough for a child and good, durable quality… benefits – prestigious baby products that show ‘status’ from their looks and features… behavioral – loyalty, we want them to come back for more products and use them with all of their babies.

    2. My primary target market for 4moms would be middle-upper class women who want modern, simple, and sleek, yet safe and functioning baby products. I would choose to primarily target moms rather than dads or both moms and dads because moms normally are the ones who are most excited about shopping for baby products, and the designs are more on the feminine side. Also…the study group that the founders used was a group of only moms, so the products were created with moms in mind.
    Though my secondary target market would be parents as a whole. Because although typically moms are the most excited about buying these kinds of things it DOES take two to raise a child, and at the end of the day both parents want to know the products they will be putting their babies in.

    3. I feel like this product is very ‘hip’ and ‘trendy,’ if you will, as well as very modern. So I would take a modern approach to my positioning. Because I’m targeting middle-upper class young(ish) moms who are well immersed in the digital world I would use a lot of technological approaches. Ads on social media, radio stations like Pandora or Spotify that they probably listen to. I would also keep the branding very chic and modern as well, which I believe they already do, especially with their website with the clean, white, backgrounds and the photos of the products which stand alone (as opposed to, say, a background that is a nursery or something). I also really love the fact that they used a focus group of real moms to start their company and their ideas, and I would definitely incorporate that a lot as well; testimonies from real moms, real moms endorsing the product, etc.

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