Twitter Super Bowl Marketing Chat

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The Super Bowl is a great time to study marketing in real time, as companies often save their best marketing effort for the Super Bowl.  With an estimated :30 second price tag of $4 million dollars companies will do their to maximize the ROI (Return on Investment) for their ads.

One of my favorite super bowl ads was Chrysler’s “Imported From Detroit” 2 minute anthem from the 2011 Super Bowl.  America, and Detroit, was down on its luck.  The ad was a rally cry not just for Chrysler, but for everyone who was hurt by the financial crisis and ready to move on.  This was not just an ad for Chrysler, it was an ad for Detroit, and for the everyone.


The television watching experience has become very social over the years with individuals tweeting about their favorite shows real-time or checking in with apps like GetGlue. The Super Bowl has become a true second-screen event, with marketers using TV as the primary vehicle to market their products and services, and using social media to interact with customers in real-time (

Details of Event:

Moderator: Chris Lovett, Professor of Marketing at Point Park University, @burghdaddy

Contributor: Douglas Strahler, Professor of Communications at Slippery Rock University, @profstrahler

Contributor: Christina Morgan, Professor of Communications/Social Media at Point Park University, @christinamorgan

Contributor: Deanna Ferrari Tomaselli, Social Media Manager at Rue 21, @dferrari

Hashtag: #sbmktg101


The goal of this Twitter chat is to discuss the advertising and marketing efforts in real-time.  Topics of focus will center on the 7 M’s of Marketing (Discussed later in the course):

Market (Target Audience)

Message Content

Mission (Strategy Behind Campaign)

Message Design (Creative Solution)

Media Strategy (Including Social)

Money (Investment)



This is a conversation that will evolve in real-time.  Chris Lovett will moderate and ask questions using the hashtag, and number the questions, with respondents providing answers using the same hashtag.  After the game, we will ask you to pick a winner and a loser.  What was your favorite brand during the super bowl?  What brands used social media to back their advertising efforts during the game?  What brands took advantage of social media even though they did not run a spot during the game.


Let’s have fun and learn in real time.

Chris Lovett



BMGT 205: Assignment 1, Amazon Fresh

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For Assignment #1, I want the class to read an article from the August 18th issue of Fast Company:



After reviewing the article, please take some time to answer the following questions.  Please answer them numbered, in the comments section of this blog.

1. Why is Amazon Prime so important to Amazon?  What metrics did they talk about to show this importance?

2. Do you think a Amazon Fresh will be successful?  If so, why?  If not, why?

3. Out of the 4 p’s of marketing discussed in week one, which one do you feel is the most important to Amazon Fresh’s success (Price, Product, Place, or Promotion).  Why?

4. If you were a competitor of Amazon, how would you prepare to compete against Amazon Fresh?  How would you position your experience vs. Amazon (Include which competitor you are, and how you would position against this new competition).

I look forward to a good discussion on this next week.

Chris Lovett