BMGT 205: Introduction to Marketing Kickoff

Welcome to BMGT 205: Introduction to Marketing.  We are going to learn a lot about marketing, and the key components that make up the Marketing Mix: Product, Price, Place, Promotion.  4 Words – but a lot go into the words and we will spend an entire semester reviewing.

As we start 2014, lets take a look back at 2013.  Ad Week recently released the top ads of the year

So lets take a look at these ads and discuss why they are good…..

10: Kmart Ship My Pants

9. Chipotle “The Scarecrow”

8. Robinsons “Pals”

7. Volvo Trucks Epic Split Featuring Van Damme

6. Nike “Possibilities”

5. Dick’s Sporting Goods “Every Pitch”

4. Geico “Hump Day”

3.  Guinness “Basketball”

2. Ram “Farmer”

1. Dove Real Beauty Sketches


Let’s have a good semester, learning, sharing, and growing.

Chris Lovett

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