BMGT 411: Assignment #5 Social Media Marketing

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In week 11, we talked about Mass Media and social media.  It was full week with a lot of content.  For assignment #5 – I want you to pick a brand that you feel is doing social media well, and tell us why.  Please include the 6 key elements of a social strategy that I outlined in week 11:

  1. Who does this brand want to reach?
  2. What do they want to say?
  3. When are they saying it?
  4. How are they engaging with their fans/customers?
  5. What tools are they using?
  6. How are they measuring results?


There are a lot of brands doing social media really well today – and they really have no choice.  Brands are fighting for a share of voice, a share of your minds and hearts, and ultimately a share of your wallet.  Social media has become a core component of most brands integrated marketing strategies.

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6 thoughts on “BMGT 411: Assignment #5 Social Media Marketing”

  1. Walmart has done an excellent job of utilizing social media to reach people. They want to reach consumers who are already shopping in their stores and potential shoppers at their stores. Walmart wants and attempts to communicate what they are about to consumers. They do so by connecting with customers using the tools of Facebook and Twitter, doing things like asking consumers to post photos of their favorite holiday trimming or asking “what have you done for someone else this week?”. They have also created their own Family Movie Night where they encourage families to spend time together. They measure their results by keeping track of the number of responses, likes, and followers they have. They have 25.7 million likes on Facebook, 279 thousand followers and 62 thousand tweets on Twitter. I would say that indicates that they are doing a great job of utilizing social media.

  2. Red bull has a great way to sell their product and the lifestyle they promote through social media. They want to reach the younger, riskier consumer that basically lives life on the edge. They want to say that their product is what you need to do extreme things with high focus and high energy. They are saying it several times daily on their facebook page with posts and advertisements.They are engaging with their customers by posting pictures and videos of extreme events that they sponsor and create. The Red Bull facebook page has over 41 million likes and the entire page is filled with their sponsorships from the cover photo, to videos and pictures. They even include dates and information for upcoming Red Bull events. Facebook is the tool that I notice, all though they most likely use twitter and other social media sites. I’m sure they measure their results by seeing how much feedback their likers give and how they respond to the videos and pictures that are posted. Another way to measure would be to see how many people actually attend an event through social media invites and notices.

  3. I think Southwest Airlines is a great brand to talk about when it comes to social media. Their goal is to reach the price conscious traveler. They boast low fares, bags fly free unlike most other airlines, a wide variety of destinations, and an importance on customer service. On their company website they say that they hire people with great personalities because they can train them to do the rest. Southwest has a presence on all the major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube. The Southwest Airlines Facebook page currently has over 4 million “likes”. They even have their own company blog called Nuts about Southwest.
    The blog is from actual employees that write about their unique experiences. Southwest does offer perks for these employees, but most come from people who love their jobs. Southwest is very engaging with its customers. The let customers know about weather, flight delays, and discounts they are offering. In 2010, they had a little bit of trouble when they kicked off an overweight passenger from one of their flights, but their social networking team responding back very quickly to do everything they could to help the situation. I think this is the biggest reason why Southwest is so successful with their social media because they respond back to customers in a prompt time to fix the problems they are facing. Their success and customer perception is how they measure how well they are doing with social media.

  4. One campaign that seriously took social media by storm was not a product or service, but at movement. The Human Rights Campaign, or as most know the red equal sign every see’s on Facebook made a huge impact because of social media.

    On Facebook 120% more users changed their profile pictures on Tuesday, March 26 than on the previous Tuesday. The logo received 10 million impressions, 189,177 shares, 95,725 likes and appeared more than 18 million times in News Feeds.( facts found on Mashable)

    This branding was used to reach everyone, they wanted to use social media to create a movement for equal rights for everyone.The are using social media to make an impact in everyday’s peoples mind about what they think is a serious problem that needs to be taken care of. They are measuring results in lots of ways, just the number of Facebook profile pictures taken alone really shows how well they are doing.

  5. When I think of a brand/company that excels at social media, my mind goes to the Color Me Rad 5K Run. They want to reach everyone that wants to have a good time, not just runners. From their social media, it is easy to tell they want to make people laugh and invite people to partake in their fun event for a good cause. They use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They engage customers by constantly posting pictures from the many events, asking them questions pertaining to what they want to see & happen at the events, and also by posting simple questions asking about how their followers are doing in general. They post on Facebook every single day, and there is engagement between customers that is visible to all. They also answer almost any questions a customer may have through posts before a question is even asked. They post so many photos of all the customers that it almost automatically ensures every customer will follow and like their social media pages. I think their success truly lies in the excitement they bring through social media.

  6. ESPN does a great job with social media. On my phone I have 3 different apps associated with ESPN. The ESPN brand tries to reach sports fans who want sports news. ESPN wants to give as much info as it can on all sports, as well as doing their own investigitory journalism into the less often reported end of sports. They also want to hear the voice of sports fans. ESPN does a good job of giving sports fans up to the minute info, and stats on what is happening. ESPN engages with their fans/customers in many ways. They have a sports show called Sports Nation which completed dedicated to sports fans oppinions on top topics around the sports world. Viewers can vote on these topics on the ESPN website. They have fantasy sports that allow sports fans to own players, and compete against friends through the ESPN website. They can also use apps on their mobile devices to update, and get updated on players, and news. They have numerous twitter accounts that give sports updates as they happen in close to real time. Fans can tweet at Sports Center the flag ship program on ESPN and vote for their favorite plays that they want to see on the top 10 plays. They can measure their results by looking at followers on twitter, how many people are tweeting to them or about them, how many apps have been downloaded, where and how many people are voting for the Sports Nation poll questions, how many fantasy teams they have registered, etc. They have done a fantastic job of getting users to interact, and play a roll in many of the most popular parts of ESPN.
    1.Who does this brand want to reach?
    2.What do they want to say?
    3.When are they saying it?
    4.How are they engaging with their fans/customers?
    5.What tools are they using?
    6.How are they measuring results?

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