BMGT 411: Assignment #4 Ad Campaigns

For BMGT 411 assignment #4 – I want you to take a look at an ad campaign running right now that you feel is successful.  Why do you think it is successful?  Remember from week 10  that the components of an ideal ad campaign are:

  • The right consumer is exposed to the message at the right time and place
  • The ad causes consumer to pay attention
  • The ad reflects consumer’s level of understanding and behaviors the with product
  • The ad correctly positions brand in terms of points-of-difference andpoints-of-parity
  • The ad motivates consumer to consider purchase of the brand

Also, think about the components of a good communication design:

What to say (Message Strategy), how to say it (Creative

Strategy) and who should say it (Message Source).

Lets look at an example from one of my runner friends on twitter for Altra Zero Drop Footwear

  • Message: Innovation in shoe design and points of difference
  • Creative: Show it in real use, how the innovations can improve runner performance
  • Source: Delivered by voiceover and product animations showing real world usage


So please include an example of an ad campaign you feel is successful and why, and what communication design is employed in the campaign.


Chris Lovett






8 thoughts on “BMGT 411: Assignment #4 Ad Campaigns”

  1. Although our class is always talking about Apple, there is one campaign I will never forget: “Get A Mac.” “Get a Mac” was a campaign that came out in 2006. It had comedian John Hodgman as a slow moving PC and Justin Long as a “cool” Mac. The commercial was played on tv on the right stations at the right time. It has a white backdrop and funny punchlines that causes the viewer to pay attention. It represents Apple as the coolest brand you can buy. By having a representation of both a PC and a Mac it shows all points of difference. It definitely motivates consumers to buy Apple, single handily by just pointing out all of the better qualities in Mac at a funny level.

  2. A campaign that always sticks in my mind is the Doritos 2012 commercial during the Superbowl. They placed the ads at the exact perfect time when everyone is in front of the TV eating chips and snacks. They brought comedy to the screen which caused us consumers to pay attention and the product was therefore engraved in our memory and motivated the purchase. The most memorable one in my opinion is the Doritos Dog Bribe. There is no real commentary, which makes the commercial grab your attention to look at the screen. Then, the message is obvious, anyone can be bribed with the deliciousness of Doritos. (Plus in my opinion, any commercial with a dog gets my attention! )

  3. +Kota is a pet store chain in Mexico. They came up with a budget-friendly campaign that is very creative to market their pet rescue and adoption program. It was also pretty successful as you will see in the video.

    Message: Adopt a new pet through our program
    Creative: The definition of creative, the “invisible owner”
    Source: The dogs are able to market themselves to their potential owners.

    They also have a pretty awesome ad for their new home delivery service.

  4. the ticket oak is a very affective ad campaign. Its oddness of a talking tree that gives you free ticketskeeps the consumers attention throughout the entire commercial. the point of the commercial is clear. Everyone doesnt have a way to get free tickets whenever they would like to go to an event. For everyone who doesnt stubhub is the venue that provides tickets to games. It is played during sporting events and on espn sports channels where viewers who would be interested in going to sporting events see the ad very often.

  5. A great ad campaign that comes to mind is the anti-smoking campaign. There are so many great commercials that run at the perfect times and always grabs people attention because they state the facts of smoking in a much larger way. The commercials were mostly always played during intermissions of hockey games or other sports when people were most likely going to smoke a cigarette and it makes you sit down and actually think about the effects of smoking that cigarette.

  6. Message: raise awareness for new pet adoption program
    Creative: the definition of creative, the invisible owner
    Source: dogs market themselves to new potential owners

    They also have a very creative way of advertising their new home delivery service.

  7. Procter & Gamble did a spot promoting their sponsorship of the Olympics. It showed the ‘best job’ in the world, which is the job mothers have supporting and nurturing their children who become Olympic athletes. It struck a chord in the hearts of viewers without being over the top and really exemplified what Procter & Gamble is all about, it certainly draws customers and investors towards P&G

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