BMGT 311: Assignment #5, Observation

One of the most powerful marketing research tools we can use is the one that is often overlooked: simple observation of customer behavior. By using observation in a real world environment, or using ethnographic techniques, researches can lean a lot from a very small sample, and design experiences around customer needs.

A good example of this was a new ATM designed by BBVA in Europe.  In a partnership with IDEO (Pioneers in human centered design), they were able to use observation to redesign an ATM with the end-user in mind.

This type of observation is a powerful tool for marketing research.  Your last assignment is to focus on the world around you, and take notes of customer behavior in a real world shopping environment.  How do customers choose products?  How do they pay?  Do they feel rushed or stressed?  What recommendations would you have from this observation.

Take some time this next week and observe the world around you, and let us know what you observed.  Share with us what you found in observing customers around you in a real world environment.

Chris Lovett


BMGT 411: Assignment #5 Social Media Marketing

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In week 11, we talked about Mass Media and social media.  It was full week with a lot of content.  For assignment #5 – I want you to pick a brand that you feel is doing social media well, and tell us why.  Please include the 6 key elements of a social strategy that I outlined in week 11:

  1. Who does this brand want to reach?
  2. What do they want to say?
  3. When are they saying it?
  4. How are they engaging with their fans/customers?
  5. What tools are they using?
  6. How are they measuring results?


There are a lot of brands doing social media really well today – and they really have no choice.  Brands are fighting for a share of voice, a share of your minds and hearts, and ultimately a share of your wallet.  Social media has become a core component of most brands integrated marketing strategies.

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Chris Lovett


BMGT 411: Assignment #4 Ad Campaigns

For BMGT 411 assignment #4 – I want you to take a look at an ad campaign running right now that you feel is successful.  Why do you think it is successful?  Remember from week 10  that the components of an ideal ad campaign are:

  • The right consumer is exposed to the message at the right time and place
  • The ad causes consumer to pay attention
  • The ad reflects consumer’s level of understanding and behaviors the with product
  • The ad correctly positions brand in terms of points-of-difference andpoints-of-parity
  • The ad motivates consumer to consider purchase of the brand

Also, think about the components of a good communication design:

What to say (Message Strategy), how to say it (Creative

Strategy) and who should say it (Message Source).

Lets look at an example from one of my runner friends on twitter for Altra Zero Drop Footwear

  • Message: Innovation in shoe design and points of difference
  • Creative: Show it in real use, how the innovations can improve runner performance
  • Source: Delivered by voiceover and product animations showing real world usage


So please include an example of an ad campaign you feel is successful and why, and what communication design is employed in the campaign.


Chris Lovett