BMGT 411: Assignment #3 Positioning Statement


For assignment #3, Develop a positioning statement using the equation developed in class.  Show an example on the blog of how this brands advertising supports this positioning.

  • Remember, a positioning statement is simple, yet powerful.
  • For (target audience), (brand name) is the (frame of reference) that delivers (benefit/point of difference).


Choose a brand you love – and show some examples of how their marketing ties into their positioning statement you develop.

Also – I came across this ad.  Pretty powerful.


BMGT 311 (SA): Assignment #5, Observation

One of the most powerful marketing research tools we can use is the one that is often overlooked: simple observation of customer behavior.  By using observation in a real world environment, or using ethnographic techniques, researches can lean a lot from a very small sample, and design experiences around customer needs.

A good example of this was a new ATM designed by BBVA in Europe.  In a partnership with IDEO (Pioneers in human centered design), they were able to use observation to redesign an ATM with the end-user in mind.

This type of observation is a powerful tool for marketing research.  Your last assignment is to focus on the world around you, and take notes of customer behavior in a real world shopping environment.  How do customers choose products?  How do they pay?  Do they feel rushed or stressed?  What recommendations would you have from this observation.

Take some time this next week and observe the world around you, and let us know what you observed.  Share with us what you found in observing customers around you in a real world environment.

Chris Lovett

BMGT 311: Assignment #4 Data Visualization

In week number 4, we discussed the importance of visualizing data to make it more understandable and understandable for your target audience.  For this assignment, I would like all of you to use the data below and visualize it.

1. Create a graph or chart using Excel or other graphing program

2. Copy the graph into PowerPoint

3. Load your PowerPoint to

4. Comment with your slideshare link

All final projects are to be submitted via slideshare, so this will give you the opportunity to get used to using it.


  1. Can you take this table and visualize the SNAP household growth since 2010?
  2. Can you visualize this data in percentages of total US population? (Use persons) and use 300 MM as overall population.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 9.35.49 PM



Now take a look at the current unemployment rate of the US in the same time period.

  1. Can you take this table and visualize the decline in unemployment in the US?
  2. Is there a way to combine these two data sets to show a comparison between the two?  What is interesting about this data?

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 9.35.56 PM

Chris Lovett


BMGT 311: Assignment #3 (Saturday)

9-5-2013 1-03-39 PM


Assignment #3 is pretty simple – give an example of how a company is using Social Media as a marketing research tool.  Specific company examples are recommended.

The best example I can give is the example of Walmart tracking twitter traffic to determine cake pops were a popular trend.  The article can be viewed here.

In the example – Walmart watched twitter traffic and determined that cake pops were a huge trend, and decided to increase their cake pop making merchandise, therefore increasing sales and profits.  This is something they would have missed if they were not monitoring social media.

What other companies are actively doing this?  What are they tracking?  How is it helping their business?

Chris Lovett