Marketing Research in Action: Teen Retailing

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This week has been a very tough week for retailers focused on teen customers.  American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Aeropostale all reported sales that disappointed Wall Street.  American Eagle gave a weak Fall Forecast, Abercrombie reported a drop in STS sales of 10% for the quarter, and Aeropostale said STS sales dropped 15% and forecast a loss for the quarter.  To read more on this report, click here.

While the 3 A’s sales were a disappointment, sales for retailers Gap (Old Navy), H&M, and Forever 21 performed well.   This situation is a very similar situation that marketing professionals face everyday.  Some thought starters as we begin this class:

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If you were a marketing research professional at American Eagle:

  • Would you be concerned about these results?
  • Internally, what kind of data would you look at to explore the situation more?  What would you be trying to find out?
  • What kind of secondary external data would you explore based on these results?  What would you be looking for?
  • How could marketing research have prevented this large of a sales drop at American Eagle?
  • If you would recommend a marketing research project to help turn things around at American Eagle, what types of things would you recommend?

Let’s Discuss before we kick off chapters 1 and 2 tomorrow.


Chris Lovett


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