Welcome to the fall semester

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Students – welcome to the fall semester for Marketing Research and Marketing Management at Point Park University.  I am excited to join all of you in this experiential learning process where we learn about Marketing and Marketing Research, while helping a local start-up develop their marketing research and  plans.

Every semester I challenge my students on a real marketing project.  This semester, we are going to partner with Pittsburgh’s own Wigle Whiskey to provide the marketing research they need to reach their desired customers and continue to expand – while also giving them a robust marketing plan they can execute on in 2014.  I find the best way to learn is to actually do, and you have a great opportunity to build your portfolio and expand your knowledge base in marketing and marketing research.  We are going to have a of fun this semester.  Marketing Whiskey is not going to be easy, but I can assure you it will be fun.  I can also assure that you will grow to appreciate marketing and marketing research – and how your plans are going to help a local business grow.

Meredith Grelli is going to kick off the project on Tuesday and Wednesday night – so come prepared to ask questions about her goals and challenges.  As you can see from the video below, she is in charge of a lot.  Our goal is to be her marketing resource this semester.

This is an exciting time to learn about marketing.  Marketing is under a transformation from an art to a science, where data drives decisions and models predict consumer behavior.  Having analytical skills has never been more crucial in today’s marketing environment, and these are skills we will focus on in both classes this semester.

I look forward to seeing everyone next week.  In the meantime, take some time to learn more about Wigle Whiskey.  

Chris Lovett

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