The Changing American Family

Source: General Mills/Betty Crocker
Source: General Mills/Betty Crocker

Marketing research today has become a lot about story telling.  In today’s technology driven environment, telling a story often means being very visual.  A good example of this is The Families Project by Betty Crocker/General Mills.

This report is all about the changing profile of the american family.  If this was a regular report, you might have glanced over it, maybe taking in a few details and moved on.  Betty Crocker went a step further.  They provided the data in a way that was easy to absorb.  This type of digital story telling is a becoming more common in marketing research.

Source: Betty Crocker/General Mills
Source: Betty Crocker/General Mills

Sure – adding pictures, doing a video, developing a microsite – those things take time.  But that effort is well worth it when you are trying to force change within an organization or sell an idea.  Based on my experience in CPG, this was done to drive change.  It was done to show senior managers that marketing the same way they have always done may not work.  The american family is changing, and so must the way we market to them.

Chris Lovett


2013 Student Project Partner: Wigle Whiskey

Wigle Whiskey Logo


I am excited that I finally landed a partner for my Fall 2013 classes.  This semester, my students will partner with Wigle Whiskey on the development of key marketing research to help them achieve their 2014 marketing goals.  In addition, the marketing management class will be tasked with identifying key experiential marketing tactics to education Wigle’s target market on the history of Pennsylvania Whiskey, the Whiskey Rebellion, and key selling points of craft spirits like Wigle.


My goal as an instructor is pretty simple – to give my students the best opportunity I can to prepare them for the real world.  Wigle is a startup, and the owners have very limited time to focus on marketing as they are so focused on growing the business and the day to day challenges of running a startup.  My students will be their marketing departments for a semester – providing both strategic and tactical support as Wigle continues to grow.  We can’t share the details of what we are working on – but it is a very exciting thing to be a part of.

The folks at Wigle Whiskey were very nice to give me this opportunity to give my students this experience.  Wigle is an amazing company – a family vision turned to reality.  Pittsburgh continues to amaze me with the people I meet who are reshaping our region.  I am honored to help out such a passionate group of people – and hope my students fully understand the opportunity they have been given here as they prepare to enter the real world.  Like the whiskey rebellion and history behind this company, I want my students to be rebellious in their projects, presenting out of the box ideas to help Wigle continue to grow.

To learn more about this amazing company, visit their web site at




Here is to a great fall semester.

Chris Lovett


Customer Experience Pittsburgh American Marketing Association Presentation

I am excited to present Customer Experience and Journey Mapping at the June 5,2013 American Marketing Association meeting.  A lot of good content for marketers looking to take their marketing from good to great.

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