BMGT 311: Assignment #5 – Infographics


In Marketing Research, one of the fastest growing trends I see includes the use of Infographics as a way to increase awareness or convey a statistic to a wide audience.  This use of Data Visualization combines information and data in a very easy way for audiences to grasp and understand.

Why are they so popular?  My theory is simply people are busy – and anyway you can showcase information in a way that can be understood and digested in a way that is visual, will be more likely to be accepted an audience.  I also think infographics are very similar to today’s most popular social media platforms, engaging (Twitter and Facebook) and Visual (Instagram).

Even resumes can become infographics – and make your experience look a little more interesting than it might be.

So can you find an interesting infographic?  What is the information it is conveying, and to what audience?  Why do you feel this way of visualizing data is becoming so popular?

Chris Lovett

7 thoughts on “BMGT 311: Assignment #5 – Infographics”


    This particular infographic that I found represents the global presence of Starbucks coffee shops and McDonald’s restaurants. From looking at the data that is present in this infographic it shows that both Starbucks and McDonald’s have an overabundance of sales worldwide and play a huge part not only in the United States but also throughout the world. Both of these companies are known to connect the countries of the world in the food and beverage industry.

    I feel that this type of visualizing data has become so popular because as mentioned in the blog people are so busy now-a-days and don’t have time to read pages upon pages of data findings they would much rather see one page that highlights the most important things. Also, this type of data is captivating which will get the attention of the person that is looking at it a lot better than a regular graph of data. Personally I know that I am visual learner so looking at an infographic rather than reading a report I feel that I would have a better understanding of the data by seeing it in picture format than in text. Therefore I feel that this type of data will continue to be used more and more.

  2. This infograph is conveying changes that happened during the decade of 1999-2009. It shows the changes in marriages, the USA”s GDP, money added to the debt we already were in, gas prices, the wellness of our people, internet users grew, cell phone use increased. I think this is targeted to anyone to get a feel for how today’s world is like it is. I think this way of visualizing data is so popular because it’s fun and interesting to look at then just a plain graph on excel


    The infographic that I chose to analyze is one that is based on the research of the redemption of coupons from various sources. Its’ sole purpose is to show noticeable realization of growth in redemptions from the span of 2008 to 2012. It then has a unique bar graph that shows where the source of this growth is originating from. The statistic that stands out the most is the number “263”. The infographic states that, from their research, internet redemption growth has increased a remarkable 263% from 2008 t0 2012. The audience for this infographic is basically anybody old enough to be a basic consumer in the U.S. This type of visual display is becoming so popular, like you said, because people want to read and store information very quickly. People are more likely to obtain information visually in today’s world.


    This infographic is prepared by to provide health facts to the public about sugar consumption, and how much of a problem it is in American culture. It shows the increases in sugar consumption from 45 g every 5 days in 1822 to 765 g in 2012. It also shows other statistics such as that the American Heart Association recommends consuming no more than 9.5 teaspoons each day, while average American adults consume approximately 22. I feel that this infographic is meant to convey to the public how unhealthy our diets are in hopes of causing people to change their habits if they know the truth about what they are consuming.
    To me, infographics have become popular because they make the data seem that much more real if it is presented to you in a pictoral format vs. standard pie or bar graphs. Also, it is easier to quickly see the bottom line of what the data is saying if it is presented in a clear, concise way, instead of in technical data that may be hard for the average consumer to understand.

  5. Infographics entices its wide audience to see information in a focused and efficient manner. Each tells a different story, each delivers information quickly, and each improves comprehension for their audience. My most recent experience with Infographics was while watching Documentaries on Netflix. Whether the illustrations explained nutrition/health facts or political statistics, it was an effective way to explain different topics.

    The Infographic attached below was made to illustrate companies that have really “sunk”, called “Largest Bankruptcies in History”. I think the audience is anyone who follows Bankruptcy data such as filings. The idea is to deliver information in a new way – being easier to understand and comprehend.

    Transparency: The Largest Bankrucies in History:

    Additional “Cool” Infographics:


    This inforgraphic was created to give the readers an idea of the size, changes, and usage of the mobile market. This inforgraphic uses bright colors and large font to grab the reader’s attention. I feel that the information in this inforgraphic is easily to understand simply because the information is easily found. I feel that inforgraphics are popular because they typically focus on one subject and offer many key points that can be found quickly and easy.

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