BMGT 411: Assignment #3 – Social Media Marketing


Thinking about our guest speaker Deanna Ferrari and the great social media examples she provided us in class, please provide your own examples of a company that is doing Social Media Marketing well.

What company, brand, or non profit do you think is doing social media well?

Who is their primary target?

What social media outlets do they use? (Twitter, Facebook, etc).

What is their tone?  (Funny?  Uplifting?  Responsive?)

Is there a person behind the brand personality?  Is that person identified? (Example: @scottmonty at @ford).

Is there a time when they most engage with consumers? (Day, Nights, Weekends?).

Anything else you found as a reason your example does social media well?  Are there any bad examples you can also share?

Chris Lovett


3 thoughts on “BMGT 411: Assignment #3 – Social Media Marketing”

  1. I chose Nike. Their primary target is active individuals and athletes worldwide. Twitter is their main outlet and they also use Facebook but that is currently on the decline. Their tone is motivative and responsive but also funny at times. Nike is an active company that wants to motivate their consumers as well as get their feedback and they use Twitter as their outlet to get that feedback as well as give their feedback. They will tweet back at people, which people like, it lets them know they company is actually paying attention/cares about them. I would say that the person behind the brand personality is based off of the personality of all athletes. They have a wide range of professional athletes that they sponsor and promote, but I think they are starting to focus more on the average everyday athlete. I would say daytime and weekends is when they engage with their consumers the most. Also, whenever their is a specific Nike event going on or something that they sponsor they tend to be very active with promoting the event and their products. One interesting thing that I learned when researching this a little more was that they sell shoes that you can only get through a twitter link. I think this is a great example of how they are doing social media well.

  2. For this assignment, I chose Johnson’s Baby. Their primary target is mothers with young children. Their primary social media outlet is Facebook, but there is no identified person managing their posts. They offer a tone that is mostly responsive, in which they respond to the needs and wants of mothers. Most of Johnson’s Baby’s posts are in the afternoon and early evening, between noon and 6 pm. I think the biggest feature of their social media that makes them stand out is that they like to engage moms and their babies, by having photo contests and promoting seasonal family activities.

  3. Best Buy is a company that I see as doing well in social media. Although there primary target is really anybody who purchases electronics, which is just about everyone today, I would say they focus on middle aged adults to young teens. I’m not sure how well there Facebook page is doing, but as a Twitter-user myself, I know that they have really started to adjust their social media focus more on Twitter. Similar to Comcast, Best Buy launched a “Twelpforce”, which is a twitter program that employees use to lend advice to individuals with questions about electronics. I wouldn’t really label their “tone” as anything but advice and information. They regularly post updates, deals, and event notices throughout the day. You can interact with these employees who are on BestBuy’s twitter account just about any time of the day, whenever you may have run into a question that you could use help with. I think Best Buy “gets it” when it comes to social media, especially Twitter, because its an easy way to have a question answered instead of driving to your nearest Best Buy store.

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