bmgt 311: Assignment #3

Class – discuss – what are some new and innovative ways companies are conducting surveys?  How are they reaching their prospects today?


6 thoughts on “bmgt 311: Assignment #3”

  1. Some new ways companies are conducting surveys are text messages, social media, receipts, on-site mystery shopping, and many more.
    This link talks about different ways that companies conduct surveys and goes in depth about a few of the examples
    This article talks about how a nonprofit organization uses text surveys to get feedback about movies and to also get donations for their organization

  2. There are terrific ways to use social media to collect information. Such as when making a focus group, you could use google+ circles or hold a twitter chat to get a feel for how people are responding towards what you are trying to do. You can also go to a social media and ask people to fill out a survey or poll, instead of going through their email, since people are typically on facebook or twitter throughout the day i think it’s a great way to get your company the feedback that you need efficiently and effectively.

  3. One company that is becoming innovative in its approach to surveys is the World Bank. The World Bank wanted to be able to conduct surveys in impoverished countries. They teamed up with Brightstar, who distributed 1,000 free cell phones to households in Peru and Honduras who didn’t have them already. These phones are being used to conduct monthly ten question surveys via texting or calling. This project is allowing World Bank to receive survey data from 1,500 households monthly.,,contentMDK:23184383~pagePK:210058~piPK:210062~theSitePK:336992,00.html

  4. There are a lot of innovative ways that companies are conducting surveys today. Some companies are now conducting surveys through social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest), text messages, and secret shoppers. The article bellows talks about how consumers are more likely to be honest through a text message survey as opposed to a survey conducted over the phone or in person.

  5. As Shannon said, social media is the most attractive way to collect information via email marketing, text messaging, display ads, personalized product recommendation, and mail subscription.

    Another unusual approach to surveys done by Illuminare Labs created “nueromarketing”. In “This Is Your Brain on Marketing — Up close and personal with fMRI” by Chip Bayers looks into this new science as the future of market research. Advertising researchers teamed up with a neuroscience professor and a laboratory technician to get a better understanding at how your brain reacts to the ads their subject see. The monitoring is done by MRI testing of subjects watching ads.

    Illuminare is banking that its experts and proprietary analytical tools will help establish it as the forefront of commercial neuroscience research. Clients such as Proctor & Gamble, McDonald’s, L’Oréal, and others have all used research from neuro-marketers.

  6. In my opinion, the most outright leader in today’s business world, in terms of conducting surveys, would be social media networking. All of the social media sites have an abundance of technology that they use to easily gather data and conduct surveys using the information that you willingly provide, day in, and day out. Simply going about your everyday routines and actions on social media is predominantly helping guide these networks and companies to further their research into your personal database of tendencies and reoccurances. With these patterns, companies can market and attack each individual with the precise strategies needed to have a full effect on the consumer. Also, as my classmates have stated, text messaging is an up and coming technique to further certain types of surveys.

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