What I Learned This Week, 9.7.12

This one is late, late, late!  But I am still posting.  Still learning.  So here are a few items I learned this week.

1. Others Share My Views on Groupon: I knew I was not alone.  I also saw daily deals as a trend, and not a platform.  Companies have goals of growing profitable, returning, and loyal customers.  While Daily Deals drive trial, they do very little to meet the long term objectives of many companies.  My friend here agrees.

2. Responsive Web Design is Coming: Responsive Web design is much more than optimizing a site for a mobile device – responsive design optimizes web pages by how you are viewing it, on a tablet, a smartphone, even the size of your browser window.  Responsive web design is coming – and it’s a truly customer friendly feature.  Learn more about responsive web design here

3. Coke is Selling Convenience: Coke is getting ready to launch Dasani Drops.  I find this fascinating because of the price concept here.  These drops are probably 4 oz at most, and sell for $4.00 each, a huge premium from the $1.89 cost of a 20 oz. drink.  My guess is they cost less to make too.

True – Coke is not the first player here – but I find it innovative and amazing that a category can be reinvented, often selling convenience over an actual product (Flavor in your purse).  Other companies have been in this space for years (think cereal bars) – but it seems soft drink companies are finally catching up, and will profit from your water even if its not theirs.

Chris Lovett


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