BMGT 411: Assignment #1

Please respond in the comments before the next class:

  • Topic: Pick a company you feel is marketing well, and find an article that gives examples of their current marketing plans



7 thoughts on “BMGT 411: Assignment #1”

  1. I would say Starbucks, because they make sure their customers come first when they execute their marketing strategy and it is very important to them that their customers are happy from the time they walk in to the time they drink their coffee. They make sure they have the best quality ingredients. They listen to their customers by allowing them to write what they think Starbucks should change or how their experiences was and they adjust their business accordingly. They are always being creative in thinking of new flavors and innovative with putting internet in their store for their customers to use. Starbucks continues to strive and seem to only get better.

    1. Shannon – great example. If Starbuck’s sold just coffee, they would not be as successful as they are today. They are selling an experience.

  2. I think that Dell Computers has marketed themselves very well with in the past few years. Dell took an unorthodox approach to the personal computer market by offering their customers the ability to build their own computer and be able to customize it how ever they see fit. They focused on being able to build a personal computer that can be tailored to “you” when other manufactures only offered off of the shelf models. I have not seen much of Dell’s advertising within the past few months possibly because of the rapid growth in popularity of Apple Computers.

    Another interesting take on Dell’s marketing

    – Matt Gaisbacher

  3. I chose Dunkin Donuts, because I feel that they do a good job with promoting their products and giving Starbucks a little competition. If you ask someone about Starbucks they will say they have the “best quality” coffee around, but you also have to pay an arm and a leg for it. Dunkin Donuts focuses on giving you coffee that everyone can afford and it still has amazing quality. No one really has the time nor do they want to spend 10 to 15 minutes just trying to order and get their coffee, which is why Dunkin Donuts promotes quick and high quality coffee. They changed their tagline to “America Runs on Dunkin,” which is basically just stating that they are here to get you in and out and on with your day. Another great marketing strategy was instead of just focusing on your typical baked goods (donuts, pastries, etc) and beverages; they are gradually adding other breakfast and lunch options such as egg sandwiches, waffle sandwiches and flatbread sandwiches as well as lattes, flavored coffees and smoothies. Another great marketing strategy was to jump on the health and wellness track. They had several items that are less than 300 calories for those who are watching their weight. All around I think Dunkin Donuts is doing a great job at marketing and keeping themselves in the running of being one of the best coffee shops around.

  4. The company I find that is marketing well is 5-hour energy. There goal in their marketing strategy is to focus on a quick fix solution to boost energy throughout your day. They stress the “crash” feeling that energy drinks and coffee give you after those beverages wear off, and also, a healthier solution compared to the caffeine and sugar that those coffee and energy drinks possess. In their commercials, they like to make it a point that 5 hour energy drinks are a lot less time consuming to that of coffee. In a society of time is money, this can be appealing to those who do not have the time to make cups of coffee throughout the day, but instead a quick “shot” of the 5-hour energy will last you throughout your work day once you hit that mid-afternoon feeling of drowsiness and tiredness.

  5. One company that I think has a good marketing strategy is Southwest Airlines. This is due to their “Bags Fly Free” policy. Almost every airline charges $25 for each checked bag. A feature that is only demonstrated by Southwest is allowing the first two checked bags to be free. This is a huge advantage because no one else even allows one free bag. This is a feature that can sway a consumer’s decision on which airline to fly, especially if the flight prices are similar. For this reason, I believe that Southwest Airlines has a good marketing strategy that expands their consumer base.

  6. I chose the NFL again because thay have a large budget to play with. Intially I chose them because it seemed as though there didn’t need to be alot of marketing, other than what they have already been doing for years which include TV and Radio ads. Another push they have made is to include female fans by using actress to model apparel. With such a larger budget and a strong following they generate about “a quarter of the mens business.” This would definatly be a challenge that I wouldn’t mind jumping into to try to up the sales, because of the large budget they have and the fact that there is about 10 different marketing dept.

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