BMGT 411: Welcome to the Fall Semester


I would like to welcome you to BMGT 411: Advanced Marketing Management for the Fall semester.  Marketing Management is what I do by day, so I think you are going to enjoy this class very much if your goal is a career in marketing.  We have 2 guest speakers lined up, a real world project in marketing management, and a variety of in class group work that will expand your knowledge in marketing management, and the challenges managers face today who work in marketing.  If I can only teach you one thing this semester it is this – marketing is not advertising – it is much much more than that.  Soon enough, you will get a sense for what I am talking about.

This semester, you will be a part of an interactive learning project.  In addition to engaging in the classroom, I am going to ask you to engage here, to create robust dialog with me, your fellow classmates, and others who follow this blog.  Marketing is all about collaboration, and our goal is to learn through collaboration in the classroom and where ever we are.

Please take a look at the syllabus that we will review next Wednesday in class.  I may still make a few tweaks, but it is 90% there.  Your assignment for week one is to read chapter 1 of your marketing text and answer the two questions below.

Our class project will be to help a small business develop and execute a strategic and tactical marketing plan.  Marty’s Market is a new speciality grocery store that opened in July, and we are going to use what we learn in class to help them with their marketing  goals.  It’s an exciting opportunity for each of you to not only use real world marketing strategy to help a local business, but also an opportunity to prepare you for a career in marketing.  We will discuss the project in greater detail in class.  Due to the confidential nature of documents shared with me, they will only be available in hard copy.

I look forward to this semester.  An additional assignment, which we will discuss in class, is to answer the two questions below (In comments on this blog):

1. If you could work for one company in their marketing department, which company would it be?

2. Why?

Just two questions to get us started.  Enjoy this week and come ready to learn on 8.28.

Chris Lovett

13 thoughts on “BMGT 411: Welcome to the Fall Semester”

  1. NFL, for any team. Im not really big on marketing products but I understand it is big buisness. I chose the NFL because there is really not a lot to it, the products actually sell themselves.

    1. NFL, for any team. Im not really big on marketing products but I understand it is big buisness. I chose the NFL because there is really not a lot to it, the products actually sell themselves.

  2. The NFL – Interesting choice Ladreana – I never thought of that one. While I agree, they do have a very strong product, I think the NFL is popular today because of the marketing and branding the NFL and each team has focused on over the years. I think a great case study on NFL marketing is their goal to attract more female fans, by developing apparel and other items. See here for an example:

    Thank you for responding.


    1. You do have a point, 10 years ago I don’t think there were any pink jerseys at all, and now you can find them just about everywhere.

  3. 1. If you could work for one company in their marketing department, which company would it be?
    If I could work for one company in their marketing department (or any department for that matter); I would definitely work for QVC.
    2. Why?
    For those who don’t know QVC is a home shopping network, which has been around for a long time. There are several reasons surrounding me wanting to work for QVC. First, it is explained that marketing is the process for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers, and managing customer relationships. In my opinion, I would say QVC is stuck in their own ways marketing to an older target market group of people and returning customers. I would like to see QVC outsourcing to a younger crowd. For example I am 30 years old and see women in their 50s showing off new designer shoes when I see the shoes. I think that they’re really cute and I want them too. However, when I see older women in the shoes it turns me off and I no longer want them. If QVC were targeting younger crowds as well they might be creating a more effective result when communicating to their customers. Because I think QVC is stuck is in their own ways. I think their marketing strategy needs a better mix to promote their products to meet the wants and needs to all the different customers in every market. I think if more market research was being done they would be able to identify more marketing opportunities, have a better market demand, be more competitive, and essentially generate more money. I also think the pricing strategies for some of the products on the show needs refining to hit a new target group of people. It seems as though QVC has a great customer relationship due to their returning customers, but I believe their customers are just profiled to an older group limiting the company from reaching a whole new level. Another reason I would want to work for QVC would be; it seems like a fun place to work and their products are constantly changing. To me this would create a more lively and enjoyable experience for work in any of their departments.

  4. I agree that Ladreana picked an interesting choice and that their goal is to attract more females plus cancer stuff with the pink

  5. QVC is interesting, and your comments around an older demographic reminds me of some of the challenges I faced with diaper sales in a past life. For years, diapers have always been targeted to mom’s – with very traditional marketing methods, most being print. We hit a wall with sales then realized – all new Mom’s are in Gen Y. They don’t read newspapers! They don’t read circulars. We shifted our strategy completely, focusing on email and digital marketing. If you visit the Pampers facebook page, you will see they had that same strategy shift a few years back, and now enjoy a following of 1.2 Million fans.

    QVC has a choice here – keep catering to the same crowd, and slowly lose sales as they, well, die. Or innovate, risk losing some older customers, to pick up some new ones. Sometimes its a choice that will be made for them.

    I honestly did not know QVC was still a “Thing”

  6. I would choose Walt Disney World, because they are fantastic with how they are able to target all audiences. They are always trying to improve, and they know how to track their business in which they know what seasons are more busy and others, and make changes accordingly to that.

    1. As a parent of two kids, I hate Walt Disney Marketing, because my kids keep asking me to go. I guess that means they are doing a good job.

  7. 1. PNC
    2. I had an internship with PNC this past summer and really enjoyed working for them and would love to continue working after I graduate. I think they treat their customers as well as employees with a lot of respect, which you will not find in all companies. They value your opinion and thoughts regardless of whether you are an intern, manager, customer, etc which I found to be very cool. I think it’s relatively important to support or use what you are marketing, both of which I do, so I think it would be very interesting and fun to help PNC come up with ways to continue to grow and succeed as a company.

  8. If I could work in the marketing department of any company, I would choose Coca-Cola. Coke has always had those commercials that every child loves around the holidays with the polar bears, as well as many other catchy commercials. Their new marketing strategies also seem as though they will be very effective, with the Content Excellence marketing program being released earlier this year. I think Coca-Cola is a brand that has done well throughout many decades and this new marketing strategy may make them even better to work for.

  9. I think I would really enjoy working in Nike’s marketing department. I’m a sports fan and Nike is arguably, if not, the biggest name in sports apparel. In my opinion, Nike’s brand has significantly separated itself from its competition, such as Adidas and Reebok, in the past decade and are continuing to grow nationwide and worldwide. Nike is now the primary clothing line of the majority of colleges, most recent the NFL, and now are even becoming popular over seas in the soccer world. I think I would find working with any of those areas in their marketing department to be enjoyable.

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