BMGT 311: Welcome to the Fall Semester


I would like to welcome you to BMGT 311: Marketing Research for the Fall semester.  I am very passionate about Marketing Research as a driver for strategic marketing decisions.  I think you will enjoy this semester.  We have a busy schedule planned out, but I am hopeful that we will combine traditional lecture with a strategic project to help prepare you for a career in marketing.

This semester, you will be a part of an interactive learning project.  In addition to engaging in the classroom, I am going to ask you to engage here, to create robust dialog with me, your fellow classmates, and others who follow this blog.  Marketing is all about collaboration, and our goal is to learn through collaboration in the classroom and where ever we are.

Please take a look at the syllabus that we will review next Wednesday in class.  I may still make a few tweaks, but it is 90% there.  Your assignment for week one is to read chapter 1 of your marketing research text, and answer the two questions below in the comments section of this blog.

Our class project will be to help a small business develop and execute a marketing research plan.  Marty’s Market is a new speciality grocery store that opened in July, and we are going to use what we learn in class to help them with their marketing research goals, which as a result, will help them with their overall marketing strategy.  It’s an exciting opportunity for each of you to not only use real world marketing research to help a local business, but also an opportunity to prepare you for a career in marketing.  We will discuss the project in greater detail in class.  Due to the confidential nature of documents shared with me, they will only be available in hard copy.

I look forward to this semester.  An additional assignment, which we will discuss in class, is to answer the two questions below (In comments on this blog):

1. How would you define Marketing Research?  Not a book definition, tell me how you would define it – what Marketing Research means to you.

2. What is your career aspiration?  How do you feel marketing research will help you in your career?

Just two questions to get us started.  Enjoy this week and come ready to learn on 8.29.

Chris Lovett

8 thoughts on “BMGT 311: Welcome to the Fall Semester”

  1. 1. Marketing Research to me helps with the problems and ordeals that come across to your business and helps you know you’re market very well, so you know what to do when something happens.

    2. My career aspiration is to work for a large company or magazine and be an event coordinator and help with the event process, so they can get their product or whatever it may be out there. Marketing research would help with my career because it will allow me to understand how to go about with what needs to go into the event so the product can come across as what the other person needs.

  2. Event planners would benefit from marketing research. Each event is attended by a different group of people, and the event would need customized for the target market. Think of how a Dick’s Sporting Goods hunting event, for example, would differ from an event like the pittsburgh marathon. Good example.

  3. 1. To me, marketing research is examining products’ markets, and making sure that any issues are being addressed, so that it is best for both the company and the consumer, trying to find a balance so consumers can get the best products but companies still meet their needs too.
    2. My career aspirations are to be a laboratory scientist. I hope to be able to utilize marketing research to help create a balance between the scientific and business aspects of creating a product that consumers want or need.

    1. A scientist! Cool! One of the coolest people I met was a food scientist. They worked for Kellogg’s, and designed and tested cereal bars, and pop tarts. It was really neat.

      Looking forward to your insight as someone not getting into business.

  4. 1. To me Marketing Research is both gathering and analyzing data relating to marketing different products and services.

    2. My career aspirations are to work in the marketing department with a professional sports team. Preferably baseball or hockey.

    1. Nice. Good for you. Sports Marketing is very rewarding. That’s probably my dream job as well. Except for the Flyers. Couldn’t do it, no matter how much they paid me.

  5. 1) To simply define the term “Market Research” I would say: market research allows businesses to make decisions that make them more responsive to customers needs and increase profits by improving aspects of (a hypothetical) business.

    2) I find myself wanting to work as a Project Director for a smaller company. Market Research is essential for the success of any company, so a full understanding on the subject would improve my likelihood of succeeding in whatever career path I am to choose.

    1. If you are working at a smaller company, Marketing Research will be skill you will be exposed to. Marketing Research is not a department, it is a way of doing things, a way of understanding customers to increase your sales and profit. Good answers everyone.

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