Getting Ready for the Fall Semester

As some of you know, I am a part time instructor at Point Park University.  This semester, I am teaching Marketing Research and Marketing Management.  I am passionate about marketing, and try to use real world examples to help prepare my student’s for their career’s after college.

I am very excited about teaching – and like always am trying to prepare early for my classes.  This semester, I am hoping to work with the owner of Marty’s Market to develop strategic marketing plans as well as primary and secondary research as they  grow their business in Pittsburgh.

Marty’s has already worked with other student’s around Pittsburgh, and I am thrilled the owner has agreed to meet with me to discuss plans for my Point Park student’s fall project.  We are scheduled to meet to finalize plans in the next few weeks, and I am very excited.

I am excited about this project for a few reasons:

1. I love food

2. I have a passion for retail marketing

3. I find the innovation and desire of small businesses refreshing

I hope my class enjoys working on this project.  I think we can develop a few ideas to help Marty’s in Pittsburgh.  I picked up some interesting research from NPR that shows a concept like this may work, and that young people today are steering away from traditional grocery stores in large numbers.   The article states that millenials are looking for Natural and Organic, a wide variety of flavors combined with convenience.

This blog moving forward will house each weeks lesson plans, notes, and discussions for both classes.  I am hoping it proves successful for both myself and my students as an interactive tool to drive weekly discussions.



2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for the Fall Semester”

    1. Thanks Angela. You can guest teach or blog whenever you want. Free halloween night to teach Marketing Research???????

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